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In Australia we have Federal Government, State Government and Local Government (Councils). Each level of government deals with different issues.

In this section of the website you will find useful links to Government agencies and information to help you.

If you are unsure whether your problem is Federal, State or Local Government, and cannot find assistance using these links, phone or call into my office and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Aboriginal Children - Government Response
ABS Interviewer: Information Kit for Applicants
Adoption of Children from Overseas (Inquiry)
Aged Care - Work Force Strategy
Aged Pension - Assets Test
Aged Pension Benefits Information
Ageing Australia - Economic Implications
Ageing of the Australian Population (Inquiry)
APEC - Strengthening our community, Building a sustainable future
APEC Forum 2007
Apprenticeships - New Apprenticeship System
Australia Needs Skills Expo
Australian Citizenship
Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Code
Australian Defence Force's Contribution to the Global Security Environment
Australian Defence Medal Application
Australian Government - Information and Services
Australian Government - Intergenerational Report
Australian Government - Regulatory Impact Analysis
Australian Honours System - It's an Honour
Australian Parliament - Information sheets - How It Works
Australian Parliament House
Australian Taxation Office
Balancing Work and Family (Inquiry)
Best Practice Regulation Handbook
Budget 2007-08
Budget 2007-08 - Budget at a Glance
Budget Speech 2007-08 by the Hon Peter Costello MP, Federal Treasurer
Business Entry Point - Forms, Applications and Payments
Centrelink Website
Child Care - Benefits fact sheets
Child Custody Arrangements in the Event of Family Separation - HoR Report ( Every Picture Tells a Story)
Child Support - Changes to the CSA
Child Support - Reforms to the Child Support Scheme
Child Support Agency
Child Support Review
Choice of Superannuation - Guide for Employees
Choice of Superannuation - Guide for Employers
Commercial Ready - AusIndustry Information
Community Information and Services for Australians (Groups and Individuals Directory)
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Guide
Consumer Price Index -Concepts, Sources and Methods
Crime in the Community - Report of HoR Committee
Cyclone Larry - Disaster Relief Appeal Fund - 1800 150 411
David Hicks - Frequently Asked Questions
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Website
Dept. of Immigration and Multiculturism and Indigenous Affairs - Website
Disability Services - Accommodation Options
Disability Services - Business Services
Disability Services - Children with Disability and their Families
Disability Services - Older Carers and their Children
Early Childhood Services - Development of a National Agenda - Consultation and Reports
Election '07 - Defence Personnel
Energy - The Future of Coal
Environment - Low Emission Projects
Export Infrastructure
Families and Communities Strategy
Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Bill 2005 - Ministers Speech
Family Law System - Government Discussion Paper
Family Law System - Government Response to Every picture tells a story
Family Support - What, Why and How of Family Assistance
Federal Parliament - Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Relations - Commonwealth/State - Ministerial Council Meeting 2004
Financial Services Regulation
Flags - Australian National Flag Day
Flags - Use of
Food Quality - Paddock to Plate - AUST/NZ Agreement
Food Quality - Paddock to Plate - Training Courses
Free Trade Agreements - Department of Foreign Affairs
Free Trade Agreements in Australia
Government Online Directory
GrantsLink Website
Heritage Places - National (Database Search)
Heritage Places - NSW (Inventory)
Higher Education Reforms
HIH Royal Commission - Report
Home and Residence Choices for Older People - 2002 Edition
Illicit Drug Use on Families (Inquiry)
Immigration - Managing Australia's Borders
Immigration - Translating and Interpreting Services
Indigenous Employment (inquiry)
Industry - Fact Sheets
Industry - Major Project Facilitation
Industry - Venture Capital
Justice of the Peace - Application Information
Kids Foundation - Injury Free Day
Little Black Book of Scams
Mature Aged Workers - Support Kit
Mental Health Statement from the Council of Australian Governments’ Meeting
Minister for Environment and Water Resources - Media Releases
Minister's Awards for Excellence an Aged Care 2005 - Nominations
National Community Crime Prevention Programme - Grants Programme
National Security
National Water Commission - Publications Page
National Water Commission - Website
Opening of 41st Parliament - Photos
Parliament - Members of House of Representatives - Contact
Parliament - Senators - Contact Details
Passports - Australian
Passports - British
Passports - Foreign
Pensions - Aged Pension Benefits Information
Pensions - Assets Test
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Website
Prime Minister John Howard's Website
Report - Work and Family Balance
Road and Rail Programme - Auslink
Schools - Parliament House Students' Education Office
Securing Australia's Water Future : July 2006 Update
Small Equipment Grants
Stem Cell Research - Report of HoR Committee
Substance Abuse - Report of HoR Committee
Super - Choice of Funds
Superannuation - Simplified System
Superannuation Booklet
Superannuation: A Plan to Simplify and Streamline Superannuation
Taxation - Small Business Concessions
Taxation Statistics
Technical and Further Education - Australian
The Chaser's War on Everything
Trade Practices Act - Government Response to Dawson Committee
Trade Practices Act 1974 - Dawson Committee Report
Trade Practices Act Reforms - Admendments - Dawson Committee Findings
Travel Information for Overseas Travellers
Treasurer's Web Site
Uranium Resources in Australia - Strategic Importance (Inquiry)
Veterans - Saluting Their Service
Veterans' Entitlements - Report of Review
Volunteer Small Equipment Grant
Wages and Working Conditions - All States of Australia
Water - A National Plan for Water Security
Water Grants - Community
Water Summit Results
Welfare to Work
WorkChoices - Welfare to Work Exposure Draft
Workchoices Legislation
WorkChoices: A simpler, national Workplace Relations System for Australia
Workplace Relations Information for Individuals
Workplace Relations Information for Small Businesses and Not for Profit organisations

Education Update
Rural Fire Service
Mental Health Targets
Valedictory Speech
GRIEVANCE DEBATE - Housing Affordability
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