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As your Federal Member of Parliament I have a vision for Mitchell. It has been formed by talking with members of our community over many years. It represents the best desires and opportunities of the residents of Mitchell.

A Vision for Moving Mitchell Ahead

  • To create a society in which everyone is valued and nurtured.
  • Cut taxes for families.
  • Regard the upbringing of children as a sacred trust not to be obstructed by Government
  • Deal fairly and compassionately with older Australians.
  • Get rid of compliance and bureaucratic expenses for business.
  • Encourage more personal freedom in the work place and support for innovation.
  • Education which encourages endeavour and enterprise; to challenge our young people to participate and not drop out
  • Expand Work for Dole and Green Corp

'I am committed to encouraging excellence in our neighbourhoods and our district" - Alan Cadman MP, Federal Member for Mitchell

"The conduct and leadership of our Parliamentarians in Federal and State Parliaments needs to inspire confidence and certainty within the Australian people. We have done a lot to destroy that respect. Each member of Parliament should be working to restore that trust." - Alan Cadman Chief Government Whip 1997, addressing the first Conference of Coalition Whips

"Australians are resourceful and inventive so we need to encourage our young people to be confident of their her-itage, to be enterprising in their outlook. Australia must be back in the top ten nations by the year 2010 - the example must come from the top. " - The Hon Alan Cadman, Parliamentary Secretary for Workplace Relations and Small Business, 1998 Small Business Forum, Sydney

Mitchell has more families than any part of Australia. Alan Cadman has given special attention to the needs of families. Whether for child care; the recognition of mothers in the home; of for the special needs of defence families, Alan Cadman has produced great results. A recent letter from the Kenthurst Before and After School Care Centre is typical of remarks made by family groups, "Without your support, we are certain that the Centre would have closed which would have been a major loss to our community"

The $1 billion cut in tax for families is regarded by Alan as a personal achievement.

Alan Cadman used the announcement of the Federal Drug Initiative to bring State MP's and the Mayor of Baulkham Hills together to declare their absolute commitment to a drug free district. Alan believes complete cooperation is essential to protect and support our young people.

The Mitchell Schools to Industry links program, initiated by Alan Cadman, and supported by local businesses and high schools, is regarded as the best in Australia. Alan recently announced the nationally significant Work for the Dole scheme, sponsored by the North West Disability Services at Baulkham Hills.

Alan Cadman has made sure our local youth leaders are well known in Canberra. His support has resulted in their helping to design Australia's Youth Allowance and awarding all national Work for the Dole projects. He also successfully urged youth leaders into giv-ing evidence to Parliamentary Committees.

Injustices to small businesses have been wiped out by Peter Reith and Alan Cadman changing fair trading and industrial relations laws.

With Alan Cadman's guidance Mitchell business people are also participating in national business consultative groups. They are assisting in building an enterprising Australia. At a local level groups of business and employment people have helped raise business standards and have found real jobs for 356 people.

Special rural issues such as the Reportable Payments System will only be changed because people like Alan Cadman have cared enough to vigorously confront the Australian Tax Office.

A deep respect for our heritage and for older Australians means, for Alan, constant work to ensure the health, accommodation and living standards for them are the best affordable. Allowing people to stay in their own homes is one of Alan's long term goals. It is gradually being taken up by the professionals. Honouring older Australians for their service should, in his eyes, be a high priority.



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